Mobile, Modern & Modular: 15 Capsules for Off-Grid Living

Storm Cottage

off grid storm cottage

off grid storm cottage 2

off grid storm cottage 3

The black timber Storm Cottage by Fearon Hay Architects closes up tight as a defense against the weather on the east coast of New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island. A layer of perforated metal screens offers moderation of light, air and protection from the elements. The solar-powered self-sustaining home harvests and stores rainwater, and has a treatment system for its wastewater.

ECHO Modular Eco-Pods

off grid echo pod 2

off grid echo pod 3

The modular ECHO pod breaks down into shippable components measuring 100 square feet for modern mobile housing that can go totally off-grid. Use a single pod as a guest house or backyard studio, or join several for a spacious retreat deep in the wilderness. The pods feature pyramid-shaped roofs that let in natural light, and highly customizable interiors.

Alpine Capsule

off grid alpine capsule 2

off grid alpine capsule 1

off grid alpine capsule 4

The futuristic Alpine Capsule by Ross Lovegrove was designed to blend into natural environments by virtue of its rounded shape and mirrored finish. Powered by a wind turbine and solar panels, the off-grid pod has a glass skin with a reflective coating to maintain privacy from the outside, but give occupants uninterrupted views of the landscape looking out.


off grid hivehaus 1

off grid hivehaus 2

off-grid hivehaus 3

Based on hexagonal honeycomb structures, ‘Hivehaus’ by Barry Jackson is a compact mobile living space with individual ‘cells’ that can be joined together on any of their six sides to create a ‘hive.’ Each module is about nine square meters, and there are various functions available for each, including an office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Each cell can be assembled by 2-3 people and features adjustable legs to adapt to different terrain.

Chamfer House by S-Archetype

off grid chamfer home 1

off grid chamfer home 2

off grid chamfer home 3

Simple and adaptable, the Chamfer Home by S-Archetype can be transported and set up anywhere from an urban rooftop to the beach. Solar collectors, passive ventilation, daylighting and other sustainable elements take it off the grid, and all functions are made as compact as possible to fit as much storage and usage possibilities as possible into the 27-square-meter space.