Inner City Visions: 12 Eye-Opening Urban Eye Charts

urban eyechart 4

urban eyechart 4b

Flickr user -ciaran employed an effective combination of lomography and elitechrome200 film in capturing this ethereal image of Dunscombe Optician and its iconic eye chart signage in Bristol, England. Andy Hebden (looper23) follows with a more conventional view of the local architectural landmark taken on March 8th of 2008.

Space & Vader

urban eyechart 6

The artist is unknown, the message unclear… food for thought or art for art’s sake? Flickr user nefasth captured this enigmatic eye chart graffiti image painted/stencilled on a wall in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Halloween of 2013.

E W M 3?

urban eyechart 5

urban eyechart 5b

Here’s another one of those eye chart/lamps, this one snapped by Flickr user iwishmynamewasmarsha somewhere in India where literacy can be an obstacle to optometric diagnosis. The “three fingers” panel is often seen in Asia where the presumed response is “up, down, left, right” as the case may be. As for those odd symbols on the lower image, they would appear to be Devanagari characters.

Well Red

urban eyechart 7

There’s a lot packed into this cute street-side eye chart from Tokyo, Japan including several types of symbols and an astigmatism detector. The instructions ask the user to step back 3 meters (almost 10 feet) from the sign and… watch out for that open manhole! Kudos to Flickr user s j b for the above image dated April 27th, 2008.