Smart Style for Small Spaces: 12 Compact Sets & Modules

7 Day Wardrobe System

compact apartment 7 day wardrobe compact apartment 7 day wardrobe

If you’re trying to get your wardrobe under control, doing more with less, the 7 Day Closet by THINKK Studio can help make that happen by essentially forcing you to think very carefully about what clothes you want to have handy. With a small set of drawers and a swing-out clothes rod, it’s got just enough space for a week worth of essentials.

Stockwerk Accordion Shelves

compact apartment accordion shelves

These shelves appear when you need them and virtually disappear when you don’t, packing down for easy portability and storage. Designed by Meike Harde, the Stockwerk set is made of solid wood, but folds in such a way that it resembles compressible paper. There are no connectors needed to set it up – just unfold the shelves and the self-stabilizing system locks into place.

Mobile Barbecue Island

compact apartment mobile barbecue island compact apartment mobile barbecue island 2

If you’ve got a balcony or even just sporadic rooftop access, you can still have a beautiful modern barbecue setup thanks to this smart rolling island design by Gunni & Trentino. Functioning like a small kitchen island, the set hides space for knives and spices as well as a grill under a cutting board surface.

All-in-One Corner Workstation

compact apartment corner computer station

Ideal for those who like to stand while they work, this all-in-one corner office station by Sarah Meier takes up less space than your average printer stand. The pull-out top shelf is illuminated for comfortable reading and includes a mousepad. Additional side-shelves can hold speakers, your phone, drinks or whatever else you like to keep handy while you’re working, and there are even sockets for printers and computer charging cables.