Smart Style for Small Spaces: 12 Compact Sets & Modules

Fold-Out Kitchen Cabinet System

compact apartment kitchen storage 2

compact apartment kitchen storage 3

This fold-out kitchen system from Bulthaup opens to reveal pretty much everything you’d need to store in a kitchen, from a full set of wine glasses and chef knives to all of your dry pantry foods. Partitions swing out to offer easy access to certain items, so you don’t have to go digging within its depths.

TurTur Multifunctional Furniture Tower

compact apartment turtur

compact apartment turtur 2

Looking a bit like a lifeguard tower, the TurTur set by Eric Degenhardt offers a high seat elevated above storage compartments and shelves, so that the space underneath it can be used for storage, or to hang out on a bean bag reading.

Small-Space Dishwasher Fits Into Sink Slot

compact apartment dish sink compact apartment dish sink 2

If you’re the type that keeps half of your dual-basin kitchen sink full of dishes all the time anyway, here’s a simple small-space dishwasher for you. The FlashDry from KitchenAid fits a dish drying rack beside a small kitchen sink. A cutting board clips onto the top.

Bookniture: Furniture That Slides Off the Shelf

compact apartment bookniture 1

compact apartment bookniture 2

compact apartment bookniture 3

You’d never guess that what look like ordinary books on a shelf actually open up into fully-functional tables and stools. Inspired by Moleskine notebooks, ’Bookniture’ assembles within minutes, and some of the units can support up to 375 pounds.