Eerily Altered Faces & Spaces: 14 Projection-Mapping Projects

Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons in Singapore

projection mapping singapore 2

projection mapping singapore 1

Japanese artist Naoko Tosa projected visuals combining Japan’s natural weather alongside imagery from the Rimpa School style of painting onto the facade of the unusually-shaped Art Science Museum in Singapore. ‘Sound of Ikebana: Four Seasons’ pays tribute to the artist’s culture while also exploring “the surprise of the unpredictable, organic movements of liquids.”

8-Bit Invader Projection Mapping

projection mapping 8 bit invader 2

projection mapping 8 bit invader 1

An ordinary building facade becomes the scene for 8-bit invaders in this fun project by Pavel Novak incorporating imagery from the artist’s own fictional game ‘Furniture Catchers.’

Seeper: Mapping Frank Gehry’s IAC Building

projection mapping seeper 2

projection mapping seeper

See the IAC Building by Frank Gehry as you never have before in this video capturing a gigantic video performance projected onto its facade as part of the Vimeo film festival. The building houses Vimeo’s headquarters.

Face Projection by Daito Manabe and Zachary Liberman

projection mapping faces 2

projection mapping faces 1

Artists Daito Manabe and Zachary Liberman play around with face projection in this experimental project using the face alignment system ‘Racetracker.” The computer tracks facial realignment in real time, registering a subject’s face and analyzing the composition with algorithms. The artists used the software as a basis for their own creativity, altering their own features.