Classic Art in a Modern World: 35 Masterpieces Reimagined

Art Instead of Ads
classic art ads 1

classic art ads 3

classic art ads 2
Artist Etienne Lavie digitally replaces billboards, subway posters and other public advertisements with classic art to imagine what it would be like if we surrounded ourselves with beauty and culture instead of consumerism.

Superheroes as 16th Century Paintings
classic art superheroes 1

classic art superheroes 2

classic art superheroes 3

classic art superheroes 4
Pop culture characters from Superman to Darth Vader get the Flemish portrait treatment in a fun photographic series by Sacha Goldberger called Super Flemish. “When you see the Hulk in front of you and you ask him to look romantic, it’s crazy. The Joker was also very impressive. He endured three hours of makeup and started to act like Heath Ledger in the movie, The Dark Knight.”

Greek Sculpture Gifs
classic art greek gifs

classic art greek gifs 2

classic art greek gifs 3
Classical Greek sculptures twitch and glitch in this series of animated gifs by artist Zach Dougherty.

Fine Art Fast Food
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classic art fast food 4
Instead of artfully arranged fruits and vegetables, artist Rebecca Rutten creates still life photos of buckets of fried chicken, half-eaten pizza and Chinese takeout. The Renaissance-style portraits highlight how unhealthy our food choices have become, putting an ironic modern spin on age-old subjects.

Massive Renaissance Replicas in Wood
classic art replicas 1

classic art replicas 2

classic art replicas 3

These gigantic wooden replicas of Renaissance-era paintings and sculptures are made to be destroyed. Spanish artist Manolo Garcia spends months carefully crafting each one out of large strips of wood around architecture armatures, and burned some of them at the annual Las Fallas (Fire Festival) in Valencia last March.