Timber Transformations: 13 Space-Expanding Interior Wood Inserts

Geometric White Cabinetry

wood built in white pine

wood built in white pine 2
A system of minimalist white cabinetry blocks out a kitchen in this interior, balancing the modernist feel with the warmth of pine. Geometric cut-outs in the doors double as handles and give a peek of what’s inside.

Built-in Bedroom Additions
wood built ins bedroom

wood built ins bedroom 2

Built-in wooden additions subdivide a small space to sleep a family of three within a 269-square-foot apartment. Beds are stacked on top of each other, a table folds down when needed and the bathroom is tucked behind the sleeping volume.

Tiny NYC Apartment Made Livable
wood built in tiny nyc

wood built in tiny nyc 2

wood built in tiny nyc 3

A tiny 240-square-foot space feels livable for a single occupant thanks to the addition of a timber room-within-a-room that stacks a bedroom over the kitchen, even managing to fit in a tiny reading nook and a laundry area.

Clever Wooden Loft in HBO’s Girls
wood built in girls

wood built in girls 2

wood built in girls 3

Design enthusiasts and tiny-apartment-dwellers alike perked up during the episodes of HBO’s ‘Girls’ in which we caught a glimpse of Charlie’s cleverly customized living space. In addition to a small dining area and a spacious bookcase taking up an entire wall, there’s a lofted bedroom cube that positions a lounge space over the sleeping area and tucks storage into the stairs.