Sleep with Sharks: 10 of the World’s Most Extreme AirBNBs

Giraffe Manor, Kenya
airbnb giraffe

airbnb giraffe 2


airbnb giraffe 4

Definitely one of the wildest listings ever to appear on AirBNB, Giraffe Manor now operates as a hotel and can be booked independently. Set on 12 acres of private land that serves as a sanctuary for a herd of Rothschild giraffes, the Manor is one of Nairobi’s most iconic historic buildings. Sit down at the long table in the dining room and the long-necked creatures are liable to stick their heads inside in hopes of scoring a treat.

Casa Caracol Seashell House, Mexico
airbnb casa caracol

airbnb casa caracol 2

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airbnb casa caracol 4

Two oversized bright white seashells offer a stunning place to stay in Mexico’s Isla Mujeres, overlooking a private pool. The smaller, rounder shell contains a king bed and private bath, while the taller shell also includes a kitchenette and a balcony overlooking the Caribbean. “Tiny geckos make their home in and around the property, and all over Mexico, so if cute little geckos freak you out and will disturb your stay then do not come to the Seashell House,” the owner-architects caution.

Hippie Dome in the Hollywood Hills

airbnb hippie dome

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airbnb hippie dome

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The ultimate hippie house in the Hollywood Hills is a geodesic dome formerly inhabited by American artist Fritz Haeg, serving as his studio and retreat for fourteen years. Now that Haeg relocated, the 3-bedroom dome is available to AirBNB guests. It’s split over three different levels, the highlight being a cave illuminated by 15 skylights. A painting on the wall doubles as a door to a secret sleeping chamber. The dome itself overlooks the city of Los Angeles.

The Trunk of Some Guy’s Tesla
airbnb tesla trunk

Having trouble finding an affordable place to stay in New York City, San Francisco or Phoenix? One alternative to crashing on a stranger’s couch is sleeping in the trunk of their car. Seriously. That’s what it has come to. In Phoenix, at least you’ll be spending the night in a $119,000 Tesla Model S, which the owner is billing as “The World’s First Tesla Hotel.” You get a mattress, access to the car’s radio, two battery-powered candles and the security of his dark, dank garage. The listing is no longer available, so maybe it didn’t work out so well, but you still have chances for similar experiences in other cities. Standards for camper vehicles are getting pretty low, and things like this now qualify for the title.

1-Square-Meter House, Germany
airbnb 1 meter

airbnb 1 meter 2

airbnb 1 meter 3

Likely the smallest ‘house’ available on AirBNB, this Berlin listing is a lot more cost-effective than the trunk of a car, renting for just a single Euro per night. The 1SQM House has a lockable door, a chair and a mattress inside it. You flip it on its side to sleep and put it upright to just hang out. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are available a the adjacent EastSeven Berlin Hostel. Says the owner, “It’s a tiny space if you stay in that house the whole day. But if you define your house as kind of a central base, and declare the park as your garden or the city as your living room, this house is possibly the biggest house you can imagine.”