Advanced Accessibility: 12 Futuristic Wheelchair Designs & Concepts

Parafree Sporty Core-Body Training Wheelchair
future wheelchair parafree 1

future wheelchair parafree 2

future wheelchair parafree 5

Lightweight and minimalist, the Parafree wheelchair is made of low-cost hydroformed industrial steel and adapts its shape and functionality from bicycles. The design encourages gradual strengthening of core muscles to the user can enhance their own balance, growing stronger. It features a customized seat-shell with an optional backrest, a shock-absorbing suspension, a luggage rack and a ‘pivot point’ that’s quick and easy to adjust, so you can choose from different modes like ‘chill,’ ‘relax,’ ‘city’ and ‘sport.’

WISB Hand Bike
future wheelchairs wisb 1

future wheelchairs wisb 2

future wheelchairs wisb 3

Ride a bike regardless of how much leg function you have with the WISB hand bike – part wheelchair, part sport bike. The hand-operated design enables you to toggle between ‘high mode’ for indoor use and city driving, or ‘low mode’ for cross-country trips and long distance riding, and the whole thing retracts into a compact package for travel.

erGo Standing Wheelchair Concept
ergo wheelchair 1

ergo wheelchair 2

The base of the erGo is a slim three-wheeled electric wheelchair for short range use, which can attach into a larger three-wheeled frame for long range needs. The larger frame features a windshield to make it sort of like a tiny electric car. But the coolest part is the standing function, for when users want to reach something high up or simply be in a standing position. It also crouches close to the ground so users can pick up items from the floor.

Wheelchair Assistant Offers Power When You Need It
future wheelchairs assistant 1

future wheelchairs assitant 2

Need a boost to get up a hill or over a bump? The Independent Wheelchair Assistant is envisioned as an add-on to your standard wheelchair, eliminating the need to transfer to power chairs. You attach to the device from the rear via a bracket, lifting the two front castor wheels of your wheelchair off the ground. Once it’s locked into place, the assistant lets you drive yourself at the power level of your choice, and features built-in lighting for night rides.