Buzz Off: 15 Smokin’ Hot Mosquito Coil Holders



The Inko Kayari mosquito coil holder from Thingiverse designer fumikono is a 3D-printed, cockatiel-shaped holder you can make at home once you’ve downloaded the files. The finished holder has no moving parts and the actual mosquito coils are not included – some things just can’t be 3D-printed… yet



Pinterest user Fujie Kuranari brings us this sublime crescent-moon mosquito coil holder depicting a rabbit leaping through the lush late summer grass. The so-called “Moon Rabbit” is an alternate interpretation of the lunar markings many in the west call “The Man In The Moon”.

No Cow-Catcher



Train in vain? Beats a mosquito in vein, amiright? The Choo Choo Train Steam Locomotive Ceramic Incense/Mosquito Coil Holder Censer (whew!) evokes slow and scenic steam train trips of many summers past while keeping one’s nights mosquito-free.

Cat Scratch Dengue Fever




The SpirHello cat mosquito coil holder from Italy is made from laser-cut stainless steel and is painted with high-temperature-cured epoxy powder to ensure corrosion resistance indoors or out. Simply affix a standard mosquito coil to the cat’s (this cat, not an actual cat, duh) tail, set it alight and enjoy evenings unhindered by buzzing blood-suckers. SpirHello also offers a snake design that, like its feline counterparts, can support spiral mosquito coils or straight incense sticks.

Doggone It!


We don’t have much info on the “Mosquito Coils Case For Pet” but perhaps the LESS you know, the better off you (and your pet) will be. The image comes from a Hong Kong-based blog so we’ll assume that’s where it’s made.