Pop-Up Car Tents: These 15 Rooftop Campers Are Like Portable Tree Houses

Tepui Kukenam Siberian Camo

siberian camo rooftop tent 1

siberian camo rooftop tent 2

siberian camo rooftop tent 3

From afar, this rooftop tent will blend right into the woods (which is probably more useful if your car is somehow camouflaged, too.) The Kukenam SKY Siberian Camo rooftop tent by Tepui Tents is a rugged, spacious option designed for off-road vehicles.

MINI Camper

mini camper

mini camper 2

On the other end of the ruggedness spectrum is this cute rooftop tent design that mounts onto the roof of the BMW MINI. The Swindon Rooftop Tent mounts to any MINI Clubman or Countryman Vehicle, maintaining the slick black and red aesthetic. It’s too bad this design was created only as an April Fool’s joke rather than a serious concept, because it’s actually pretty cool.

CVT Mt. Rainier

cascadia mount rainier rooftop tent

cascadia mt rainier rooftop tent 2

cascadia mt rainier rooftop tent 3

The Mt. Rainier design by Cascadia Vehicle Tents is an ‘extended summit’ rooftop tent that cantilevers out and then extends down to the ground, with room to sleep three people and an ‘annex room’ for additional privacy. Its floor is made of diamond plate honeycomb aluminum and it comes with a waterproof mattress. The center tent pole has built-in LED lighting and a dimmer switch, and there are even shoe racks on either side of the ladder.

Doubleback Van

doubleback van 2`

doubleback van 3

doubleback van 2

Based on the VW Transporter, the Doubleback Van isn’t just a pop-up rooftop camper, it pops right out the back door, too. This ‘pod’ slides out the rear of the van electronically to multiply the space inside, adding six feet in length. It can be custom-built to your specifications, comes with a fully-equipped kitchen and gets more than 36 miles per gallon, but don’t get too excited just yet: it’s only for sale in the UK.

James Baroud Evasion

james baroud evasion rooftop tent

james baroud evasion 2

james baroud evasion 3

This hard-shell expanding rooftop camper from James Baroud is incredibly easy to set up, rising up to the sky in about ten seconds after you unlatch the clamps on all four sides. Inside, there’s a double-size foam mattress big enough to sleep two adults and a child, and a solar-powered vent built into the upper hull provides extra ventilation.