Pop-Up Car Tents: These 15 Rooftop Campers Are Like Portable Tree Houses

Ursa Minor J30

J30 jeep camper

j30 jeep camper 2

Perhaps it’s not quite as luxurious as some other hard-top pop-up campers, but considering that it’s specifically designed to fit a Jeep, it fits the character of the vehicle. Ursa Minor’s J30 camper design emphasizes efficiency over fancy add-ons, sleeping two adults on a 7-foot-long mattress with access from either inside or outside the vehicleIt features water-resistant, tough and breathable Sunbrella soft walls and panoramic views through zippered screen windows.

Hemiplanet Audi Camping Tent

audi hemiplanet tent

audi hemiplanet 2

audi tent 3

Fitting over the tailgate of the Audi Q3 sports car or standing alone, the Hemiplanet camping tent takes its visuals from the molecular and crystal structure of a diamond. It takes about seven minutes to assemble and features a wind load rating of up to 43 miles per hour (70km).

The Car Tent

car tent 1

car tent 2

car tent 3

A car tent of a different kind, this creation literally disguises your pop-up shelter as a vehicle to occupy a parking spot without upsetting the authorities. It’s a pretty slick idea, and when it’s unmarked, it just looks like a drop cloth over a real car.

Decagon Car Tent Village

decagon car tent 3

decagon car tent 2

decagon car tent 1

Your car is incorporated right into the design of this multi-room, expandable tent setup from Japanese outdoor equipment company Logos. The Decagon Tent can be used separately or linked together into a complex, village-style space, and includes tarps that fit over various sized vehicles so you never have to leave the comfort of your tent to grab more supplies (or do very much unpacking at all.)