Inner Space: 14 Modular All-in-One Living Cubes to Organize Interiors

2,5 Cubed by Chmara Rosinke

rosinke cube 1

rosinke cube 2

rosinke cube 3

Taking inspiration from Ken Isaacs, this cube by designer Chmara Rosinke is envisioned as an “intimate, nomadic living space” responding to modern trends toward owning fewer possessions and needing less space. There’s a desk that can be changed into a kitchen, a rolling cupboard that unfolds into a dining table for two, a bed, a wardrobe, a mirror and other basic living functions.

Tetran Cubes

tetran cubes 2

tetran cubes 3

tetran cubes

The LEGO-like Tetran cubes can be put together in virtually endless configurations to custom-create your own furniture full of built-in storage. It’s made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials, too.

NR1977 by MihaDesign

NR1977 cube 1

NR1977 cube 2

NR1977 cube 3

NR1977 cube 4

When a couple and their four children needed to find a way to live comfortably in a tiny apartment, the architects at MihaDesign initially thought it would be impossible. But NR1977 is what the ultimately came up with – two ‘boxes’ covered with wood and blue felt containing three beds, a desk, storage and a top level that’s nothing but play space for the kids.

Rolling Modular Room Design by Ruetemple

ruetemple cube 3

ruetemple cube 2

ruetemple cube 1

This rolling modular room system by Russian architecture firm Ruetemple can be opened and moved to perform a variety of functions, turning the space it’s in into a living room, office or bedroom for one or two. The open ‘walls’ can be hooked together or separated and rolled apart.

Relaxation Cube from Nomadic Furniture 1

relaxation cube

relaxation cube 2

‘Relaxation Cube’ by Victor Papanek and James Hennessey takes Ken Isaacs’ blueprint for modular systems and modernizes it just slightly, bringing it into being as a screened room within a room featuring a projector and canvas room dividers to create a sort of mini movie theater.