Two-Wheel Tech: 12 Innovative Motorcycle Designs Envision the Future

Samurai Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Concept by Great Japan

samurai motorcycle concept

samurai motorcycle concept 2

samurai motorcycle concept 3

This futuristic, sci-fi influenced concept by designer duo ‘Great Japan’ envisions a graphically oriented approach full of clean lines and fluid shapes, even down to the sidecars and other accessories.

The Musket: Minimalist Motorcycle by Hazan Motorworks

musket motorcycle

musket motorcycle 2

musket motorcycle 3

“I wanted it to be finished like a Steinway piano; jus make sure you hang on when you twist the throttle,” said designer Maxwell Hazan of his Musket concept, a gorgeous minimalist design boasting an engine that was hand-carved from a block of wood, hand-cased at a foundry and then hand-machined. All cables and wires are hidden and the handlebars are low to maintain the distinctive profile.

Bandit9 EVE Liquid Black Motorcycle

eve motorcycle

even motorcycle 2

eve motorcycle 3

The EVE Liquid Black motorcycle by bandit9 features a bullet-shaped tank and a streamlined, seamless unibody made from a single bent sheet of stainless steel. The bike is built entirely by hand and only nine units will ever be made.

Sculptural Ironhead Motorcycle

3d printed motorcycle

ironhead 3

ironhead 2

ironhead 1

Another work of art from Hazan Motorworks, the Ironhead is undeniably aggressive-looking with an elegant steel framework. “I started this bike in the same way that I started my last few major projects,” says Hazan. “The idea was to build the most amazing bike I could possibly imagine around an interesting engine and to make absolutely no compromises in the design and fabrication process that I used to get there. The goal was to make a bike for myself exactly the way that I wanted it. Almost every piece of the bike was made from scratch; from the rear sprocket to the front hub, this bike started off as sheets, tubes and metal billet.”