Extreme(ly Comfortable) Camping: 13 Rugged Off-Road Trailers

Track Trailer TVAN

tvan trailer

tvan trailer 2

tvan trialer 3

tvan trailer 4

The TVAN kind of looks like it was designed to explore Mars. Its aerodynamic, compact shape makes it easy to tow off-road, and it includes a quick-erect tent stored in its own compartment, and the bed itself is located within the hard body of the trailer to provide privacy and enhanced weather protection.

Moby1 XTR All-Terrain Trailer

XTR trailer

XTR trailer 2

XTR trailer 3

XTR trailer 4

The Moby1 XTR is a more rugged update on the classic teardrop trailer, offering running water, solar panels, oversized wheels and a rugged frame construction with a tent popping up from the roof and a covered area protecting the kitchen.

Campa ATT All-Terrain Survival Trailer

campa trailer

campa trailer 3

campa trailer 4

Perhaps the most compact option of all, the All Terrain Trailer (ATT) by Campa packs a lot of function into that tiny package. This expanding base camp is made of medical grade stainless steel and comes with a kitchen and dining setup for six, a pop-up tent with an extendable ladder and optional features like generators, refrigerators, a water purifier and solar panels.

Conqueror Courage Off-Road Trailer

concqueror trailer

conqueror trailer 2

conqueror courage 3

Billed ‘the ultimate survivor trailer,’ the Conqueror Courage has both the looks and much of the functionality of a military vehicle, capable of charging through several feet of water and rumbling over rocky trails. Many of the components are lightweight to make the trailer easy to tow.