Art Sinks to New Depths: 25 Wet Works of Sub-Aquatic Sculpture

Snorkel Dreams by The Machine Project

Eighteen artists submerged their work, including paintings, photograph, video, blown glass, sculpture and ceramics, into a swimming pool for sub-aquatic viewing. ‘Snorkel Dreams’ was the first underwater art show by The Machine Project, a Los Angeles non-profit arts and educational organization.

Underwater Art Gallery in a Sunken Ship by Andreas Franke

Photographer Andreas Franke took a diving expedition into the General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a shipwreck turned artificial reef about seven miles south of Key West, to photograph the site. Then, he blended these photos with imagery of retro scenes for a surreal series entitled ‘Life Below the Surface.’

Great Barrier Reef Underwater Art Gallery

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia has been called The World’s First Underwater Art Gallery simply for its natural beauty. But for a brief period, that name became a bit more literal as painter BJ Price displayed several works (aluminum prints resistant to salt water damage) on easels on the sea bed. A large inflatable turtle floating on the surface marked the location of the exhibition.

AUTOTOMY by Forlane 6

In addition to their trash project, Forlane 6 produced ‘AUTOTOMY,’ a subaquatic sculptural project, as a collaboration with Greece’s Hydra Dive Center. ”Autotomy (from the greek auto ‘self’ and the tome ‘severing) is defined as the reflex separation of a part from the body,” say the artists. “This spontaneous division occurs with certain animals when facing an imminent threat. Our disarticulated wood installation depicts a sunken village on stilts fragmenting itself. Seemingly organic, the village breaks away from its holding pillars in an attempt to change position, to migrate even. The attacker in this scenario is climate change.”