Hang Loose: 13 Hammock Innovations for Max Relaxation

Panama Banana Hammock Chair by Agota Rimsaite

Not only does this vivid pink hammock by designer Agota Rimsaite not need any traditional hammock supports, stretched across a curving wooden frame that rocks back and forth, it doubles as a soccer goal.

Hidden Desk Hammock

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office has had an extra-tired day when they wished they could just disappear under their desk for a nap. With the Schnap by Aqil Raharjo, you can do exactly that – comfortably. This hammock snaps onto the underside of a desk for a ‘nap in a snap,’ and comes with two clamps wrapped in protective materials so they won’t mess up the desk surface. It was designed with both overworked employees and college students in mind and comes in a cute little pouch.

Toer Grassy Hammock

If you love the feeling of laying in the grass but just wish the ground were more ergonomic, Toer’s ‘Field Hammock’ has everything you’re looking for, featuring a water- and UV-resistant grass-like synthetic fabric mounted to two hardwood poles.

Fuut Hammock

Here’s another hammock that hooks onto the underside of your desk, but this one is just for your feet. The Fuut Hammock lets you lounge just about anywhere, making your studies and work a lot more comfortable.