Hang Loose: 13 Hammock Innovations for Max Relaxation

Tentsile Hanging Tent Hammock

Hammock tents come in all kind of varieties these days, letting campers sleep suspended over bodies of water, hanging high in trees or perched in uneven terrain. The Tentsile comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the two-level ‘bubble’ style and group setups, and you can add netting, rain flies and hammock stands.

Hammy Hammock by Plywood Office

This three-in-one design by Plywood Office is a sleek and streamlined bench, hammock and planter box with a powder coated steel and oak frame and a mesh sling. One end has drink holders built into the wood.

Hand-Knotted Rug Hammock

You know that fringe at either end of a hand-knotted rug? Turns out, if it’s left long enough, it can be used to suspend the rug above the ground, transforming it into a hammock. This fun creation was designed for the BLESS No 56 WORKER’S DELIGHT installation at the Vitra Design Museum in Germany by Reuber Henning.

E&Y Cat Hammock Table

Cats love hammocks almost as much as they love cardboard boxes, and while you could certainly dedicate space in your home just to that purpose, ‘Hammock’ by E&Y solves two problems at once by placing an inviting rattan shelf right below a glass tabletop. It’s almost like putting your cat in a display case while they lounge.