Siberia Space: Russian Town Tints Its White Winter World

It’s obvious that Ust-Yansk’s colorful homes and buildings were planned for maximum color contrast, both between neighboring structures and often extending to individual buildings. The building above sports green and red siding topped by a deep purple roof! Seems the Aurora Borealis are no longer the only northern lights in town.

Shade-y Operators?

Here’s the town hospital, bedecked in bright fire-engine red from stoop to steeple. OK, so red might not be the ideal color choice for a hospital but hey, how many towns of 300 people even HAVE a hospital? Then again, this is polar bear country and the big bruins’ bites are worse than their barks.

Nearby, the town’s administration building is comparatively more subdued in dove gray and seafoam green though the Russian tri-color flag adds a contrasting note. Just below, the town’s blue-roofed bakery huddles beneath the cold twilight of the midnight sun.