Messages in the Sand: 12 Great Guerrilla Ads at the Beach & the River

Sperm Whale on the Banks of the River Seine

The banks of the River Seine in Paris is not a likely place for a sperm whale to wash up, which must have made its appearance all the more shocking. Anyone who approached likely expected to be either assaulted by the stench of rotting flesh or splattered with guts in the event that built-up gases caused it to explode. But once they got close enough, it became clear that the whale wasn’t real, but rather a hyperrealistic replica created by the Belgian Captain Boomer Collective. Their goal was to raise awareness of how our modern lifestyle is affecting the environment.

The Fallen: Tribute to Casualties of War at Normandy Beach

‘The Fallen 9000’ installation etched 9,000 silhouettes into the sand at Normandy beach with rakes and stencils, representing the civilians, Germans and allied forces who died on D-Day during World War II in 1944. British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss gathered 60 volunteers to create the project, but world spread and nearly 500 locals showed up to help. The temporary installation was only visible for a few hours before the tide swept it away.

Sprite Showers for a Beach in Israel

Sprite probably made more than a few beachgoers thirsty for an ice-cold beverage at the sight of its gigantic soda machines, which were actually fully functional showers.

Anti-Apple Bondi Beach Campaign by… Samsung?

In 2012, just before Samsung’s new Galaxy phone debuted, a flash mob of protestors flooded out of a black bus outside an Apple store holding signs that read ‘WAKE UP,’ with no clarifications or explanations. The bus also read ‘WAKE UP.’ Then, the same slogan appeared on the floor of the iconic Bondi Beach swimming pool. It appeared to be a particularly aggressive guerrilla marketing tactic designed to shift consumer loyalties away from the ubiquitous iPhone, but Samsung later denied involvement in the stunts.