Bold Bamboo: 8 Dramatic Organic Structures by Chiangmai Life Architects

Bamboo Dome Sala

“This bamboo dome sala (bamboo pavilion) project represents a landmark change in Chiangmai Life Construction bamboo architecture development,” says the firm. “In our previous salas, we used big diagonal bamboo culms as structural support like most other bamboo architects. With this Bamboo Dome Sala we are emphasizing a finer and more space oriented kind of bamboo architecture by introducing bamboo arches as main design feature as well as structural element. These arches as well the outer rim which gives the bamboo roof its free flowing form, are made of bundled bamboo beams.”

Dhammagiri Meditation Hall

Hosting spiritual talks and meditation seminars, the Dhammagiri Meditation Hall aims to be “inspiring, spacious and light,” with the feel of a church. Large bamboo culms provide support for the roof while beams of bundled bamboo of a smaller species create the exterior of the roof and the crossed bamboo arches inside.

Bamboo Entrance Gate

The architects wanted the entrance to their own offices to be dramatic and memorable, giving clients an immediate sense of what they’re capable of creating. They took inspiration from visuals of small trees standing near each other and touching at the crowns, with spiked pillars standing on either side of the road, coming together in an arch.

Zabb E Lee Cooking School

The Zabb E Lee Cooking School wanted a new facility in the middle of their organic gardens at the outskirts of the city of Chiang Mai, preferably made entirely out of bamboo and fulfilling three functions: a food prep area, a cooking area and a dining space, all with the right atmospheres and conditions for their particular purposes. The double roof shape stretches out into long points over the entrance, with the other end cradled by a dome.