Pop-Up Pavilions: 15 Playful Temporary Architecture Installations

House 2 – Counter City Pavilion in Zurich by ALICE

In less than ten days, international architect collective ALICE created an inhabitable structure below an overpass in Zurich full of complex spaces for social gatherings and cultural events. 200 first-year students built ‘HOUSE 2 – Counter City’ out of wood, creating an open-air cinema, a stage for performances, a sound installation, lots of public seating and more.

Pump House Pavilion in London by NEON

The Pump House Pavilion by NEON proves that you don’t need expensive materials to create something interesting and useful. Colorful flexible duct pipes make up an undulating arched structure in an homage to the former purpose of the former pump house at London’s Battersea Park.

Floating Pavilion in Taiwan by Shen Ting Tseng Architects

320 box kites form the roof of this temporary pavilion by Shen Ting Tseng architects outside the Taipei Fine Art Museum, creating a structure that sways slightly in the wind, casting an ever-changing pattern of light and shadow onto the curving platform below. The plaza is set by a river and tends to be very windy, leading visitors to the adjacent museum to hurry inside instead of congregating outdoors, so the architects thought a protective enclosure referencing these windy characteristics would be fitting.

Runaway Matrix Pavilions in Santa Barbara by Greg Corso & Molly Hunker

Three colorful objects come together as ‘Runaway,’ an installation by designers Greg Corso and Molly Hunker. These ‘matrix objects’ offer seating and fun play structures on a Santa Barbara pier. “The aesthetic qualities of the air in Santa Barbara is often very powerful and visible – a beautiful blur caused by heat (heat shimmer or mirage) and beach fog (June gloom),” says the team. “‘Runaway’ privileges this visual and atmospheric effect and in so doing, acts as a beautiful spectacle and object of urban decor for the communities of Santa Barbara.”

A Capsule of Memorabilia in Milan by Patricia Urquiola & 3M

3M design collaborated with designer Patricia Urquiola to create ‘A Capsule of Memorabilia,’ a shimmering metallic pavilion showcasing the brand’s ‘NOVEC’ products. “It is exciting to be at Milan design week to share the magic of 3M material sciences to celebrate design and explore innovative possibilities to make people’s lives better,” says Eric Quint, 3M chief design officer. “We have partnered with Studio Urquiola for this installation and together explored what’s possible through material science – reminding the world of the importance of protecting our collective memories.”