Concrete Like You’ve Never Seen It: 15 Unexpected Furniture & Object Designs

Concrete Grandfather Clocks

Historically, grandfather clocks have been made of dark-stained wood and metal elements, their designs not straying far from those first popularized in the late 1600s. Gothenburg-based designer Johan Forsberg of Studio Forsberg modernizes this ‘long-case clock’ with a minimalist shape and three different concrete mixtures incorporating pigmented substances like white marble and black anthracite.

Squishy, Pillowy Concrete Shelving

Another seeming contradiction, these shelves by Hungarian studio AB Concrete Design were cast from soft, squishy forms made of plastic bags. Named ‘Concretediction,’ the shelf series “aims to break the cold, industrial look of the material.”

Concrete Planter & WiFi Router Cover

It’s not very common to see concrete paired with electronics. MIT graduate Sam Kronik aims to “re-orient the relationships between consumer electronics in the home” with his ‘Cybernetic Meadow Collection,’ a series of handmade objects incorporating concrete planters. His wifi router hides all the typically ugly aspects of this common object beneath the plant, softening it. Another object sets a smartphone dock beside a mini planter on a cork base.

Concrete Rocking Chair

‘Swing Chair’ by Paulsberg is one of the world’s first rocking chairs to be made from carbon-fiber reinforced concrete. Its elegant curved base sits right on the ground, contrasting seemingly solid concrete with the warmth of leather upholstery.

Lacy Textures in Concrete Surfaces

A company called ‘Mensch Made’ presents a series of concrete objects made softer and more accessible through the application of textures or unexpectedly delicate silhouettes. ‘Lace Table’ sees a concrete surface imprinted with lace doilies, contrasting the highly decorative and feminine nature of these handmade objects with the cold, hard properties of concrete. Services like are specialists with concrete, but products like this are something else altogether!