Concrete Like You’ve Never Seen It: 15 Unexpected Furniture & Object Designs

Concrete iPhone Skin

‘Luna’ by Korean design collective Posh Craft renders the color and craters of the moon in concrete for an unusual application: an iPhone case. Each back plate is one-of-a-kind, with its own distinct crater markings, and surprisingly flexible.

Concrete Pen

“At 22, we break the mold… we re-envision concrete and steel’s uses and repurpose their image of strength and boldness to create a product line that includes timepieces, writing tools and jewelry,” says 22 Design Studio, creator of this rollerball pen made of high-density concrete and stainless steel.

Colorful Concrete Desk Accessories

Desktop accessories that would normally be made of plastic are instead rendered in solid concrete, including a pen holder, card holder and tape dispenser. 22 Design Studio gives the ‘Merge Desktop Stationery Set’ a vivid blue hue (but you can get it in a more standard grey, too, if you prefer.)

Concretus Chair

Singaporean designer Fung Kwok Pan proves that concrete and steel can be comfortable, after all, with the Concretus Chair. Small concrete tiles mounted to a wire backing are linked together using stainless steel wire, creating a spring-like effect that gives the chair surface just enough bounciness to cradle the body.

Stitched Concrete Stools

Similar to the project by Miriam Estévez, ‘Stitching Concrete’ by German designer Florian Schmid treats concrete like a textile, impregnating fabric with flexible cement that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and fireproof surface. The designer shapes and molds the fabric before it’s cured, stitching the shapes together with colorful thread that remains visible after the concrete hardens.