Try to Contain Yourself: 12 Shipping Container Projects Play with Modularity

STACK II: Affordable Office Space by Arcagency

Temporarily placed on an old industrial site along Copenhagen’s harbor, ‘STACK II’ is an affordable, sustainable modular office complex designed to be used on location for just 10-12 years before being moved elsewhere. 20-foot-tall shipping containers are stacked three stories high in two rows to create a checkered formation, their exteriors covered on the outside, but with large windows facing a protected courtyard. Industrial staircases connect the various containers, which all have usable spaces on their roofs.

Ccasa Colorful Container Hostel in Vietnam

Stacked shipping containers in bright primary colors form three functional blocks for sleeping, washing and serving at the Ccasa Hostel in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Located just steps from the beach, the hostel features a breezy open-air layout with the crates offering space for private or shared rooms facing a lush courtyard decorated with traditional Vietnamese elements.

Hotel Mamallacta by Felipe Escudero

Looking like something out of a Wes Anderson film, Felipe Escudero’s ‘Mamallacta’ is a hotel built high up in the mountains of Ecuador overlooking the volcanic landscape, its first floor set into the earth to retain heat and lower the structure’s overall profile for wind protection. The clients wanted the hotel to be made mostly of recycled materials. Each hotel room features a rock-shaped bathtub filled with natural hot spring water.

Shipping Containers Turned Backyard Pools by Modpool

Reminiscent of impromptu dumpster pools, but probably a whole lot cleaner, these shipping container swimming pools by Modpool arrive pretty much ready to plug right into your backyard space, with all necessary equipment like a UV water cleaning system in place. A removable divider makes it possible to have a hot tub and conventional swimming pool in the same container, and you can either leave the pool above ground or build it partially into the soil.