Nomadic Futures: 12 Home Design Solutions for Changing Urban Lifestyles

Wearable Hotel Room by Studio Makkink & Bey

A simple sleeping bag can make us remarkably more comfortable when spending the night outside of a bed, but when you won’t be outdoors, perhaps a cozier version is called for. Studio Makkink & Bey took inspiration from Dutch textiles for their ‘room of the future’ concept, in which our domiciles might not be connected to any particular physical space. The cloth mat and sleeping bag roll up to form a seat, or you can hoist the whole package onto your back for travel. Two other components of the system include a wooden basket containing a combination rug/tablecloth that becomes a table or stool when placed upside down, and a flexible room divider that folds up like an umbrella.

LYNKO Furniture System by Natalia Geci

Create a sense of privacy and personalization in seconds with the LYNKO furniture system by Natalia Geci, a highly portable system of shelves, room screens, clothes rails, a compact office and other objects that fold flat for easy transportation. It takes just a few minutes to set up a little corner of a space that feels more like home, and minutes to take it all down, so moving couldn’t possibly be easier.

Apartment in a Box: Transforming Modular System

How do you cram a family of three into just 215 square feet? Architect Angel Rico designed a transforming all-in-one system for a micro apartment in Barcelona that manages to contain a fully kitchen setup, storage, a room divider and a child’s bed (the parents’ bed is a fold-out couch in the adjacent space.) Made of budget-friendly and lightweight softwoods, the system is built into the room in this case, but could easily be self-contained so it could travel from one home to the next.

CRISSCROSS Flat Pack Furniture System by Sam Wrigley

Flat pack furniture is cool and all, but most of it – like the stuff you get at IKEA – isn’t exactly easy to assemble and disassemble. The CRISSCROSS range of modular furniture by Sam Wrigley is designed with students in mind, providing tables, cabinets and wardrobes that fit together without tools. It’s water-resistant, recyclable, made from FSC-certified wood and tested for strength and durability so it can withstand being put together, taken apart and moved as many times as you need. They also come as connector-only kits, so you can source pegboard locally and put them together however you want.