20+ Reasons to Love Resin: These Artistic Home Furnishings are Clearly Cool

Watery Resin & Stone Creations by Alexandre Chapelin

LA TABLE, LAGOON, NATURE, STARRY SEA and HAMILTON 23 are a series of stunning handcrafted surfaces by Alexandre Chapelin transforming natural materials into incredible seascapes and cosmic scenes using resin and a little blue pigment. “We select natural stones that offer graphic and architectural visuals which are then fixed by a bespoke resin,” says the designer. “The nature gives us the opportunity to work with natural stones from the Caribbean. The final result is an invitation to dream, a dream that becomes reality.”

Resin Stools by Chen Chen & Kai Williams

These dreamy pastel stools by Chen Chen & Kai Williams are all one-of-a-kind, with no two looking exactly alike. Available in tall (30 inches) or short (18 inches) versions, each one features black powder-coated steel legs and a resin top.

Zero Per Stool by Hattern

‘Zero Per Stool’ by South Korean studio Hattern seeks to reduce waste in the furniture industry by first shaping white oak legs, and then using the offcuts from those legs to produce the seats. They set these scrap pieces in tinted resin, which shows through on top as a dappled pattern.

Glow in the Dark Tables by Mike Warren

Where other companies use LED lights, designer Mike Warren uses a much simpler means to the same end: glow-in-the-dark pigments. He creates literally radiant handmade tables filling in the decayed areas of cypress boards with resin and glowing powder. Want to try your hand at it? Get a tutorial at Instructables, where Warren is an editor.