20+ Reasons to Love Resin: These Artistic Home Furnishings are Clearly Cool

Conica Table by Luciano Santelli

A perfect circle of cast transparent resin perches atop a wooden support in the ‘Conica Table’ by Sao Paulo-based designer Luciano Santeli. The effect is almost that of a record on a player.

Wood and Resin Furniture by MTH Woodworks

MTH Woodworks of Vancouver, British Columbia pairs sections of tree trunks with minimalist resin tops, allowing the rings of the tree to shine through. A beautiful hybrid of synthetic and organic materials, the tables incorporate sections of trees ranging from 60 to 600 years old.

Black Magic Collection by Elyse Graham

Elyse Graham’s Black Magic Collection features cast, shaped and sanded resin in a rainbow of colors, sometimes used alone – as in a collection of small vessels – or paired with a thick glass top, as in the Tikal Side Table. Each individual handmade object is an abstract work of art.