Prismatic Pride: 20+ Rainbow-Centric Murals & Street Art Installations

5 Standout Projects by Okuda San Miguel

#thepalaceofdreams in progress Laguna Beach. California. USA ???????

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Nobody can ever accuse artist Okuda San Miguel of being afraid of color. We’ve seen his incredible renderings of abstracted geometric animals painted inside abandoned churches converted to a colorful skate park and the headquarters of the International Church of Cannabis – and his outdoor projects are just as dazzling. In Kiev, Ukraine, Miguel painted an entire train from the city’s metro network, and the Spanish artist recently transformed an abandoned 19th century chateau in France to promote the French street art festival LaBel Valette. His ‘Place of Dreams’ in Laguna Beach, California is looking incredible, and he also completed a massive multi-story mural in Casa Blanca, Morocco dedicated to mothers around the world.

Okuda also gave the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel a dramatic makeover in a joint project with Felipe Pantone, and painted the exterior of an abandoned house in Arkansas into what he calls “The Universal Chapel.”

Pool Painting at Manhattan Park by HOT TEA

Minnesota-based artist HOT TEA landed a fun commission from KYCO and Pliskin Architecture to transform a swimming pool on Roosevelt Island in New York City in a project he calls ‘Asylum.’ He says he chose this name “because the act of creating it pushed my mental and physical endurance so far that I wasn’t sure I could complete the task.” The island also notoriously hosted the New York City Lunatic Asylum for nearly 100 years.

My latest installation is called "Time Travel". Today I took it down and it reminded me of a time in my childhood when I would always wear a speedo. I was like 4 or 5 years old and I wore it all the time. It was a yellow speedo with blue stripes. As I got older my true self went deeper and deeper into my sub conscious and by the time I was in high school I was a totally different person. As the years have gone by I have been feeling closer and closer to the person I once was and this weekend really helped. Growing up – I was told a lot of negative things about myself which led me to bury myself and become someone I'm not. Hearing all of your positive feedback about my latest install "Time Travel" helps me get even closer to being who I really am/was. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and to all who came out to view/experience my latest installation. Thank you – thank you – thank you!

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HOT TEA’s other rainbow works include incredible thread art installations like ‘ROMANCE’ for the Joondalup Festival in Australia, ‘ANDREW’ at the annual Riviera Maya Phish show a the Barcelo resort in Mexico, a bridge project called ‘Migration’ in Los Angeles and an installation at Minneapolis Pridefest called ‘Time Travel.’

Prismatic Portals by HOXXOH

Street artist Douglas Hoekzema, better known as HOXXOH, produces stunning patterns of interlinked circles in bright hues that look like portals to another world. He often paints them as murals on the exterior walls of buildings throughout South Florida and elsewhere, and has completed a few stunning projects painting the seats of historic outdoor amphitheaters like the Miami Marine Stadium.

Tragically, a member of the artist’s crew was killed when the scaffolding collapsed while painting Hoxxoh’s largest project ever, a 25,000-square-foot mural on the side of the Hyde Resorts and Residence off Ocean Drive in Miami. The completed work stands in tribute to assistant Raymond Brown.

Rainbow Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice

Origami artist Mademoiselle Maurice takes the art of paper folding out of the studio and into the streets with large-scale installations in outdoor spaces. Some of these installations are so large, they contain tens of thousands of components, so the artist commissions help from friends and local schoolchildren to fold all the tiny pieces.