Archived Articles: September, 2007

Subterranean Scare: 7 Underground Wonders of the World

What motivates humankind to burrow deep into the Earth? Wind your way through these crypts, catacombs, labyrinths and tunnels to learn more, if you dare!

Car Tents to Times Square: Bold Acts of Urban Camping

Urban camping means different things to different people, from living without a vehicle or electricity and plumbing to squatting in unused properties and more.

7 Extreme Urban Sports Videos: Parkour, Biking & Blading

Here are some extreme city sports you aren't likely to see in a sports stadium - fasten your seat belt and strap on your helmet for seven really wild rides.

Amazing 3D Graffiti Artists: Sidewalk Chalk & Street Painting

These street art images and biographies merely scratch the surface and begin to convey their amazing artistic talents though sample artworks and street chalk ...

Legal Urban Exploration: 7 Tips for Visiting Abandonments

Fortunately, with these tips, urban exploration can be a legitimate hobby without the risks of illegal building infiltration.

Mobile Architecture: Portable Housing to Temporary Hotels

More and more designers are developing nomadic alternatives to traditional models of static urban living, including portable hotel rooms.

Urbex Camouflage: Hiding, Sneaking & Disguising in Cities

The ability to hide plain site can be a real advantage when exploring urban abandonments, thus some creative kinds of urban camo you may never spot alone.

Underwater City Ruins: 7 Submerged Wonders of the World

Some of these dramatic and recent finds of whole towns and cities have even caused scientists to question the history of human civilization.

Parkour & Free Running: Urban Acrobats Jump Buildings

What if you saw the building walls and other urban obstacles around you not as barriers, but as tempting challenges to be overcome?

Wiki City Rome: Digitally Mapping Urban Space in Real Time

An MIT SENSEable City Laboratory project, Wiki City Rome seeks to create a "Real Time Rome" from various data sources and does an amazing job of it, too.

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