Archived Articles: May, 2008

25 (More) Incredible Works of Art from Ordinary Objects

Recently a number of readers have written in to submit their own works or works they have constructed from everyday materials.

Cargo Architecture: 10 Shipping Container Homes & Offices

Cargo containers are of increasing interest to architects who plan to make them into homes, offices and other buildings through simple modifications and ...

7 Creative Cardboard Building & Paper Furniture Projects

What would it take to get you to see a well-known non-building material in a new light? Perhaps a paper house, or a cardboard chair would be the place to start.

Luxury Lost: 10 Private Islands You Can’t Afford to Live On

Feeling a little cramped in your thousand square foot Manhattan apartment? Got a few extra million to blow?

30 Websites & Online Forums for Adverturous Urban Explorers

Ever wonder what is inside that dark tunnel or deserted structure you pass on your way to work every day?

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12 Compelling Monuments Dedicated to Peace Instead of War

Peace is always beautiful, said Walt Whitman. Humans really know how to commemorate their fallen and the incredible monuments dedicated to war stand as ...

Strange Childhood: 15 Creatively Twisted Stuffed Animals

What comes to mind when someone mentions stuffed animals? Probably not any of these bizarre and disturbing creations.

5 Stunning Modern Secret Rooms, Hidden Doors & Passages

In some cases the discovery of a secret room is a wonderful find but it can also be a twisted nightmare.

Dark Moments: 12 Monuments Dedicated to Death & Destruction

From around the world, here are twelve of the most memorable, unique and extraordinary war monuments and memorials in military history.

Whoops: 5 Great Examples of Guerilla Marketing Gone Wrong

Some guerrilla marketing is even done to support good causes though much of it is created to line the pockets of giant corporations.

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