Sun in a Jar: DIY Solar Lamp, Aglow with Awesome
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Catching a bit of the sun’s light and keeping it in a jar sounds like fantasy, but in fact Sun Jars let you do just that. Meant to mimic the gentle glow of a sunset, sun jars are a sweet little way to brighten up your world.

While it is bright outside, sun jars capture and collect the rays of the sun, storing that energy until the sun ducks below the horizon for the night. For instant gratification, sun jars can be purchased in pink, blue and yellow varieties. But for the brave DIYer, the same effect can be achieved at home on the cheap.

The project can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be, depending on your skills and the available materials. One of the simplest methods involves tearing apart a solar-powered yard light and re-seating the light inside a frosted kitchen storage jar. Of course, creative types with a bit of mechanical know-how could built a solar cell from the ground up and attach it to a light, then mount it inside a jar in the same way.

However your sun jar comes into existence, grouping several of these little jars together on a patio or porch makes for the perfect decorative lighting. The glow is very soft, almost like the glow of fireflies confined in a jar just long enough to let you admire them.

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