Marvelous Muralist Makes Giant-Sized Street Art Illusions
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Sam3 Giant Murals Street Art 1

The facades of entire buildings are transformed with the larger-than-life painted silhouettes of Madrid-based street artist Sam3. Known for both the enormous scale of his work and the graphic simplicity of his figures, Sam3 gives decaying urban buildings a sense of mystery and wonder.

Sam3 Giant Murals Street Art 5

Sam3 Giant Murals Street Art 6

Some works span billboards all over the city, such as a series that spells out the word ‘subliminal.’ Others stretch out across massive apartment complexes – like a giant man stepping out of the sky to pet a cat.

Sam3 8

Sam3 Giant Murals Street Art 3

Sam3 Giant Street Art Murals 4

Many of Sam3′s works are surreal, with celestial elements. An alleyway mural in Vienna depicts a man being peeled like a potato by two gigantic hands.

Sam3 Giant Murals Street Art 2

Sam3 Giant Murals Street Art 7

Sam3′s street art can be seen all over the world, from his home state of Spain to a skyscraper in Atlanta. See more of his work at and Street Art Utopia.

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