Lunar Power: Solar Spheres Energized by Both Sun & Moon
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lunar energy orb

This liquid-filled glass sphere design is so powerful (no pun intended) in its ability to turn light into heat that it can not only harvest the rays of the sun, but even draw on energy reflected from the moon.

lunar energy thermal concentration

André Broessel is the European architect and engineer behind this weatherproof harvesting system. It is in many regards more robust, efficient and versatile than traditional photovalics, concentrating available light sources and multiplying their thermal effect more than 10,000-fold.

lunar solar collecting ball

Made to be mounted on buildings individually or in arrays, a computerized control system passively tracks available illumination in the day, but can even follow and be fueled by moonlight.

lunar power architectural applications

The balls can work both to generate power and as replacements to traditional window apertures, creating a wide variety of potential hybrid architectural applications as well.

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