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Expect new twists on old traditions as new tools and unique techniques allow artists to draw, paint and illustrate in radically different ways. From coffee-cup pen artists to people who paint whole rooms with colored markers, here are some seriously innovative creatives. The digital age has put on dramatic new spin on the the world of art, from three-dimensional realism to fresh forms of abstraction. Here you will find some of the most creative and innovative forms of computer-generated expression and futuristic artistic representation.

Augmented Reality: Aerial Footage of Distorted Alien Landscapes

“Technology can help nature understand itself,” says AUJIK, a self-proclaimed cult that melds faux mythologies, fictitious landscapes and wildly distorted ...

Amazing Animal Art: 50+ Creature-Inspired Creations

As seen through the eyes of sculptors, painters, street artists, photographers and even knitters, the animal kingdom flourishes in curlicues of steel and ...

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3D Four Letter Words: Robert Indiana’s LOVE Sculptures

Looking for love in all the right places? Replicas of artist Robert Indiana's iconic Pop Art “LOVE” sculpture have spread to the 4 corners of the globe.

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Architectural Cultures Condensed: Vernacular Dwelling Collages

Can you distill the architecture of a particular city down to an image of just a single building? Not effectively – unless you’re Sweden-based artist ...

Wearable Skylines: Architectural Rings Wrap Up Global Cities

Jewelry for urbanists has taken a new turn with these silver, gold and platinum cityscapes, each featuring iconic buildings, monuments and landmarks from major ...

Popping Off the Page: 15 Sculptural 3D Paper Art Creations

Defying the typically two-dimensional and impermanent characteristics of paper, these artists cut, sculpt, glue, twist and fold the material into fantastical ...

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Art of Photography: NYC Blizzard Photo Looks Like a Painting

As roads closed and kids turned staircases into sledding hills and snowboarding slopes across East Coast cities during Jonas, one photographer stopped to shoot ...

Long Term Angle Parking: 12 Cool Cadillac Ranch Copies

The legendary Cadillac Ranch can't be beat but it CAN be copied! These 12 tinny tributes to Amarillo's angled auto art shift flattery into high gear.

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Masterpiece Mashup: Genre-Crossing Digital Art Compositions

Diverse artistic disciplines from graphic design to architecture come together, crossing boundaries and merging eras, to bring the likes of Marina Abramovic ...

Pavement Bowie: 20 Street Art Tributes to David Bowie

Ashes to ashes, Stardust to dust: having left life's stage, cultural icon David Bowie also leaves behind a global imprint through street art and graffiti.

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