Photoshop Fail: 15 Hilariously Botched Image Edits

The Phantom Hand


(image via: TresSugar)

Extra hands seem to be one of the most common Photoshop bloopers. They’re seen on book covers, movie posters and advertisements – the sad remains of someone the designer wanted out of the picture. Odds are, someone pulling an all-nighter to meet a deadline failed to see the extra appendage peeking out from this woman’s hair.

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie


(image via: Photoshop Disasters)

Image retouching is a fact of modern life. Blemishes and wrinkles must disappear, dark circles concealed, awkward expressions corrected, hair smoothed, curves nipped and tucked. But if you’re going to drastically alter people’s faces, it’s best to do it in any noticeable reflections, as well.

Belly Buttons are Ugly Anyway


(image via: Gawker)

Models tend to have pretty incredible physiques in the first place, but magazine editors are looking for absolute flawlessness. So, a little bit of airbrushing and viola, this woman’s smooth and toned abdomen (left) is free of that distracting imperfection we call a “navel”. But things are not always what they seem – when Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova (right) was spotted sans belly button walking down a runway, it was revealed that an operation as an infant left her without one.

Chucky’s Little Sister


(image via: Photoshop Disasters)

There’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for the demon child that has attached itself to this poor woman’s back. From the pointed, too-white teeth and dead unsmiling eyes to the plastic-looking arm and strange lighting, not to mention the mother’s weirdly blurred neck, this entire image is a perfect example of graphic artists not knowing when to stop.

A Tent for Kids with No Legs


(image via: ext237)

It happens to every designer at some point: at the last possible minute, your client – who didn’t provide you with any photography containing people – wants you to insert some people into the image. So, what’s a harried artist to do but completely ignore silly things like perspective and human anatomy to get the job done? This poor little half-girl was just collateral damage.