Future Architecture: 7 Surreal Award-Winning Skyscrapers

skyscraper adaptive facade concept

If the above errs on the side of sustainability and technology over design, then this Skinscape project of morphing contiguous skyscrapers is a suitable converse. It is a style-centric proposal for how buildings can learn, evolve and adapt over time.

skyscraper morphing skin diagrams

And it takes its inspiration from nature: “The Skinscape project was inspired from the idea that the natural environment modifies architecture as time passes by and in some instances nature even reclaims it. For example, Banyan trees now cover the Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia built in 12th century. Experts have decided not to remove the trees because they now serve as part of the structural system – building and nature have become one.”

skyscraper zero design diagrams

And no conceptual design competition could be complete without at least one project that addresses the end of the world as we know it.  Introducing the Zero Skyscraper, a structure to help save mankind in the event of global disaster.

skyscraper zero post apocalypse

Worthy of the Long Now foundation, its creators describe it as follows: “Like an emergency toolbox, it will be the starting point to the reestablish social order through digital communication and information exchange. “Zero” is dedicated to gathering information; an online data vault to make sure human knowledge is not lost. Government, institutes and organization around the globe are able to upload information to “Zero” data vault … from architectural construction, agricultural planning, scientific records [to] language translation [resources].”