In The Fold: 10 Futuristic Folding + Flexible Computer Ideas

Sony Nextep Computer Concept

sony nextep computer concept

Wearable technology is a field that’s sure to take off in the near future as we figure out how to make electronics smaller and more durable. The Sony Nextep concept from Hiromi Kiriki is a computer that would be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. A screen displays important information or decorative designs when the device is idle. But when it’s unfolded and laid flat, a keyboard emerges from the case almost like magic, letting you use a nearly full-size computer that also just happens to be a fashionable accessory.

Flexbook Concept


The Flexbook from designer Hao-Chun Huang is a digital device with multiple personalities. By folding, unfolding, swiveling and moving it, the Flexbook can change between a tablet, laptop, PDA (remember those?) and gaming device. It’s a wild departure from the form factors we are used to for these objects, but it could very well be the future of all-in-one, on-the-go technology.

Displax Flexible Anywhere Display

displax touchscreen film

Although touch screens seem to be part of nearly every new gadget made today, there are still plenty of places we could add them. How about your kitchen table, or a wall, or even the window of the bus you take to work? Portuguese company Displax is developing a product that could turn any non-metallic surface into a touch screen. The product is called Skin, and at a mere 100 microns thick it has the potential to turn the entire world into one humongous touch screen.

The Flat-Pack Hiding Mouse

fold up hiding mouse concept

It’s not only computers being folded up into new shapes and functionality – even mice are getting in on the action. This incredible mouse from designer Taewon Hwang fits into the CD drive of a laptop computer – a feature most people hardly ever use anyway – and then pops out, origami-style, into a fully-functional mouse when it’s needed.