High Tech to High Fashion: Upscale 3D-Printed Designs

Cell Cycle Rings by Nervous System

3D Printed Fashion Nervous System

Jewelry firm Nervous System is considered one of the pioneers of 3D-printed jewelry, offering cell-inspired designs mimicking natural structures. The rings pictured here are made of nylon and stainless steel.

3D Printed Glasses by Ron Arad

3D Printed Fashion Glasses

Designer Ron Arad unveiled a range of 3D-printed eyewear at the 2013 Milan Design Week, with each pair printed in a single piece with flexible joints instead of hinges. The designer describes them as ‘monolithic.’

Crystallization by Iris van Herpen, Daniel Widrig and .MGX by Materialise

3D Printed Fashion Crystallization

Looking a bit like human exoskeletons, the Crystallization series from the same designers who produced the Escapism dresses, above, calls to mind shells and horns. The designs were inspired by the transformation of liquid into crystals.

Rapidprototypedshoe by Marloes ten Bhömer

3D Printed Fashion Rapidprototypeshoe

With just two separate 3D-printed pieces that fit together, these simple yet avant-garde shoes from Dutch designer Marloes ten Bhömer are quick and easy to produce. The sole can also be replaced when it wears out.

Tapestry Eyeglasses by Chloe McCormick and Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare

3D Printed Fashion Tapestry Glasses

This pair of 3D-printed eyeglass frames are made even more fun by the possibility of personalization. They include a grid of holes so the wearers can weave threads in their desired colors and patterns.

Strvct Shoes by Continuum

3D Printed Fashion Strvct Shoes

The design of these cage-like shoes is all about the geometric structure, which is left open . Though the latticed Strvct shoe by Continuum Fashion may look delicate, it’s actually very strong and lightweight.

Dita von Teese Dress by Francis Bitonti & Michael Schmidt

3D Printed Fashion Dita Dress

Burlesque performer and model Dita von Teese shows off the fully customized, figure-hugging capabilities of 3D fashion in this stunning nylon dress by Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt. The dress was printed to her exact dimensions.