21st Century Cookout: 16 Modern Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

Hot Spot Ultra-Portable Grill


Folding entirely flat for easy transport and storage, the Hot Spot grill is compact enough to bring camping, but offers a good-sized surface for grilling.

Mobile Kitchen on Wheels

Modern Grills Mobile Kitchen 1

Modern Grills Mobile Kitchen 2

This set of two rolling kitchen carts is an all-in-one setup for cooking and dining outdoors, complete with a sink, burners, a table, and stools that convert into benches. A foot pump routes waste water into a watering can so it can be reused.

4 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens by Otto

Modern Grills Otto 1

Modern Grills Otto 2

Otto Outdoor Kitchens has a gallery of dream setups including wood-fired ovens, fire pits, grills and everything you’d have in a luxury indoor kitchen, out in the garden or by the pool. The aesthetic tends to be more traditional and European, with lots of stone.

City Boy Portable Picnic Grill

Modern Grills City Boy

Measuring under nine inches high and seven wide, the City Boy picnic grill is the perfect size to tote to the park and cook some burgers or hot dogs for two. Made of powdercoated steel, it has a gas burner that takes standard gas cartridges.

Canorta Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Grills Canorta Outdoor Kitchen

Another simple, modern modular outdoor kitchen design won first prize in the Garden Unique Design Contest. Canorta, by Retogni of Switzerland, is made up of two wheeled carts offering a gas grill, a sink and storage for food.