Record Breakers: 7 Vehicular Wonders of the World

World’s Most Narrow Car: Commuter Cars Tango

World's Narrowest Car 1
World's Narrowest Car 2

The Tango fits in just half a lane, so that two of these commuter cars can fit where only one standard car can. Ideal for people who commute to work alone, taking up a significant amount of road space with three to four empty seats in their vehicles, the Tango could potentially increase freeway lane capacity from 2,000 to 4,400 cars per hour. Just three feet wide, this ultra-narrow vehicle has superior maneuverability skills; Consumer Reports confirmed that it’s got the fastest time recorded through the emergency lane change maneuver. It’s 8’6″ long, less than the width of a truck, so it can be parked perpendicular to the curb.

World’s Toughest Vehicle: Paramount Maurader

World's Toughest Car Marauder
World's Toughest Car Marauder 2

Like a roided-up version of a Hummer, the Paramount Marauder is a consumer incarnation of a vehicle meant for military purposes, and it can take a serious beating. Made by Africa’s largest privately-held defense and aerospace company, the Marauder is typically used by the military, police and special forces. The company says “it has a deliberately non-aggressive appearance – making it perfect for police, peacekeepers and special forces operating in sensitive environments.” That’s probably less true with the versions that come equipped with weaponry fixed to the roof.

The 15-ton Marauder can withstand mine blasts, survive 7kg of plastic explosives, stand up to heavy gunfire and drive through buildings (watch it smash an H3 Hummer in the video above.) It’s twenty feet long, eight feet wide and nine feet tall. Though its top speed is just 70 miles per gallon, speed probably isn’t the most important feature of a vehicle like this. The civilian version costs a whopping $650,000, downright affordable compared to the Bugatti Veyron.

World’s Longest Limousine

World's Longest Limousine

The longest car in the world is a custom-built limousine stretching 100 feet (30.48 meters), with two driver’s cabins and 26 wheels. That’s right, two specially trained drivers are required to maneuver this thing on the road, and it’s not exactly street legal – it’s mostly used just for special events. Inside you’ll find a heated Jacuzzi, swimming pool, king-sized bed and a sun deck. It’s even got a helipad on the back.