Steps to Saving Space: 15 Compact Stair Designs for Lofts

Shoebox Apartment Loft Stairs/Drawers

Compact Loft Stairs Shoebox 1

Compact Loft Stairs Shoebox 2

How do you fit an entire home, with bedroom, kitchen and all, into a tiny urban apartment without the space feeling incredibly cramped? JPDA added a wooded platform and kitchen, both of which separate the space into individual functions and integrate lots of storage space. Those stairs leading to the loft are drawers.

Staircase Shelves

Compact Loft Stairs Staircase Shelves

Perhaps these stairs wouldn’t be the most convenient option for regular ascension to a loft, but they’re certainly a cool way to store things up high, and could lead to an elevated storage area that you only need to access once in a while. Designed by Danny Kuo, they feature wooden boxes that slide out to provide access to the upper compartments.

Zig-Zag Pine Box Stairs

Compact Loft Stairs Zig Zag

Stacked pine boxes in a diagonal pattern are a low-cost, space-saving solution for a small space by Swedish designers Taf Arkitektkontor.

Mini Plus Staircase by Mister Step

Compact Loft Stairs Mini Plus

This condensed staircase solution by Mister Step is customizable on the company’s website when you order, and you install it yourself. It’s adaptable for various kinds of spaces, with a narrow profile.

Smallest and Cheapest Space-Saving Staircase

Compact Loft Stairs Smallest Cheapest

The Karina Space-Saving Staircase is allegedly the cheapest and smallest staircase on the market, with an expandable, customizable design that takes up very little floor space.