Steps to Saving Space: 15 Compact Stair Designs for Lofts

Puzzle Loft by Lapayre Stair

Compact Loft Stairs Puzzle Lapeyre

Lapayre Stair produces some incredibly efficient space-saving, alternating-tread stair designs, but unfortunately, they’re only available for industrial use. They warn away residential customers: “It is not possible to turn around on our stair. Nor can two feet be placed on the same level at the same time. It is difficult for children and the elderly to use our stair. In addition, the handrails do not meet the baluster (vertical rail) requirements for residential stairs. Children could easily fall through the rails to the ground below.”

Wood Bookshelf Stairs

Compact Loft Stairs Wood Bookshelf

A custom wood bookshelf matching the loft platform and dining room table doubles as the stairs leading to the second level in this 300-square-foot apartment. The ceiling is only 12 feet high, so a sleeping loft without standing room was the only option to add more function to the space.

Retro Spiral Stairs

Compact Loft Stairs Retro 1

Compact Space Saving Stairs Retro 2

These very ’60s-looking spiral stairs are located in a small remodeled duplex in Montmartre, Paris by Delphine Maumot.

Black Alternating Tread Stairs by Brocks Metalworks

Compact Loft Stairs Brock

The alternating treads on this industrial-looking staircase by Brocks Metalworks give it an unusual look.

Ultra-Compact Bookshelf Staircase

Compact Loft Stairs Ultra Compact 1

Compact Loft Stairs Ultra 2

While some stair-shelf combinations leave the contents of the shelves open to collect dust and dirt from people’s shoes, this design keeps the shelves on the outside. It’s super-compact, and a smart way to corral clutter.