Add-On Gadgets: 15 Cool Devices For Your Smart Phone

Google Chromekey HDMI Streaming Gadget

Smartphone Gadgets Google Chromekey

The very inexpensive Google Chromekey mirrors content from a tablet, smartphone or computer onto a television. This $35 HDMI dongle allows you to send content from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and Chrome to your TV without wires, at the push of a button.

Kwikset Kevo Turns Smartphone Into House Key

Smartphone Gadgets Kwikset Kevo

Smart phones are quickly replacing wallets, music players, and even keys. Kwikset’s Kevo pairs with a handset running a special app via Bluetooth, so you can simply touch the deadbolt to lock or unlock the door. It’ll only open if you’ve got the paired phone (or key fob, if you haven’t joined the ranks of smartphone owners just yet) is sensed nearby.

Garmin HUD Displays Navigation on Windshield

Smartphone Gadgets Garmin HUD

If you have a hard time seeing the tiny letters on a navigation screen while you’re driving, Garmin has a solution in the form of HUD, a head-up display unit that displays the information on the dashboard.

Task One iPhone Toolkit

Smartphone Gadgets iPhone Toolkit

A durable iPhone case adds an array of practical tools, allowing you to cut open packages, tighten a screw or crack open a beer. It’s got 16 tools including an allen wrench, wood saw, wire stripper and pliers in a thin and trim package weighing surprisingly little thanks to aircraft aluminum and polycarbonate. The knife comes off easily for air travel.

Mini Cinema for iPhone Enlarges Picture and Boosts Sound

Smartphone Gadgets Mini Cinema 1

This non-powered device will amplify sound and magnify the screen so you can set your phone on the table and enjoy a movie.