Add-On Gadgets: 15 Cool Devices For Your Smart Phone

LED Desk Light & iPhone Charger in One

Smartphone Gadgets LED Desk Light

Set your smartphone or iPad where you can see if while you’re working with this desk light/charger in one. A simple touch sensor on the side turns it on.

Bikepod – Tripod For Your Bike

Smartphone Gadgets BikePod

Turn your whole bike into a tripod so your camera is always ready with the Bikepod, which securely clamps onto your bicycle’s handlebars.

ARKCANARY Acoustic iPhone Speaker

Smartphone Gadgets Arkcanary speaker

The ARCKANARY is a low-tech piece of PVC that makes a big difference in sound for iPhones. With a fun, classic megaphone shape, they amplify sound and also act as a stand.

Smartphone Film Scanner

Smartphone Gadgets Film Scanner

Transfer old negatives straight into your iPhone with the push of a button. The iPhone and Android Film Scanner makes it easy to preserve analog memories from color, slide and black & white film, so you can turn the negatives into positives and adjust the color and exposure.