The Fallen: 9000 Figures Hand-Drawn in the Sand for D-Day

fallen beach closeup

From Jamie in their their pre-project press release: “The Fallen is a sobering reminder of what happens when peace is not present.”

fallen aerial photo one

“The idea is to create a visual representation of what is otherwise unimaginable – the thousands of human lives lost during the hours of the tide during the WWII Normandy landings on 6 June 1944.”

fallen aerial photo two

“There will be no distinction between nationalities, they will be known only as ‘The Fallen’. It does not propose to be a celebration or condemnation, simply a statement of fact and tribute to life and its premature loss.”

fallen sand art tide

Andy added: “This project will bring together people from all nationalities, backgrounds and ages. Each individual will work in a team to make a person using a stencil and by raking the sand.”

fallen art at night

“The use of stencils means that anybody can participate whether they are veterans or families with children. Together, we will make a piece of art in harmony as a reflection of a peaceful world in which we would like to live.”