The City is a Playground: 15 Interactive Installations

Interactive Community Wall

Interactive Urban Art Community Wall 1

Interactive Urban Art Community Wall 2

‘On a Fence’ by Brooklyn designer Chat Travieso transforms the connotation of a fence as a barrier into a place where the community can gather and have fun. This installation along Manhattan’s East River waterfront turned a portion of the fence bordering the park into a structure with benches, bike parking, a chalkboard, a sandbox, picnic tables and other amenities.

Monopoly Game on the Streets of Chicago

Interactive Urban Art Chicago Monopoloy

Chicagoans found themselves in the middle of a giant Monopoly game in summer 2012, with installations all over the city including giant cards, dice and playing pieces. What did it all mean? Could they really play? It turned out to be an art installation by an artist (or artists) known as Bored, who said the goal of the project was to keep three-dimensional, fun street art a constant part of the landscape that would continually pop back up and evolve every time it was removed.

Trash Bin Game Stations

Interactive Urban Art Trash Bin 1

Would you be more likely to throw away your trash in a public place if getting to the bin were a game? The Swiss city of Lucerne hoped to tackle a litter problem with ‘Lucerne Shrines,’ a project that painted game stations around trash bins.

Red Ball Project

Interactive Urban Art Red Ball 1

Interactive Urban Art Red Ball 2

A giant, inflatable red ball smashed between buildings invited passersby to try their hand at pushing it or bouncing off it in the Redball Project by Kurth Perschke. The installation brought the ball all over the world, from Chicago to Taipei. “Through the RedBall project I utilize my opportunity as an artist to be a catalyst for new encounters within the everyday. Through the magnetic, playful and charismatic nature of the RedBall the work is able to access the imagination embedded in all of us.”

Porta-Park the Size of a Parking Spot

Interactive Urban Art Porta Park

Any parking spot in the city can instantly turn into an impromptu gathering space with fold-out seats, sliding drawers and various interactive objects. What looks like a simple platform is actually full of fun functions, presenting all sorts of possibilities in what was formerly just a rectangle of asphalt.