School’s Out Forever: 12 Crazy DIY Converted Bus Homes

Bug Out Bus: A Bluebird Called ‘The Ark’

Converted Buses The Ark

A family concerned with disaster prepping designed their very own ‘bug out bus’ as a totally mobile, stocked home that could enable them to flee from life-threatening situations – or just go on vacation. Called ‘The Ark,’ it’s nearly forty feet long, is built like a tank, and has underbelly storage. A master bedroom and a kids’ bedroom with bunks gives them plenty of space for everyone.

Steampunk Bus Conversion

Converted Buses Steampunk

This isn’t just any bus conversion: it’s a steampunk bus conversion. Complete with a kerosene burning New York Angle Lamp. Creator Jake Von Slatt wanted the feel of a Victorian sea coast summer house – “something bright, light, and simple but with an air of country elegance.”

The Green Cedar Bus

Converted Buses Green Cedar

A cedar-paneled loft finishes off this quirky converted Dallas City 72-passenger school bus. It’s got a front extension with greenhouse roofing to bring in natural light, a large opening decorative glass window, white oak hardwood flooring. The 280-square-foot mobile home has been offered for sale on Tiny House Listings for $15,000.

The Magic Biodiesel Bus

Converted Buses Magic

After college graduation, Dave Weaver and a friend retrofitted an old school bus and drove it from Washington state to Austin, Texas. The 1979 Bluebird International runs on recycled veggie oil, sleeps six, has a hot-water shower, a wood stove and floor-to-ceiling wood paneling.