School’s Out Forever: 12 Crazy DIY Converted Bus Homes

Double-Decker Bus Community

Two Story Bus Community 1

Two Story Bus Community 2

This concept is not just a portable home, but an entire temporary community space for professionals on the go. The double-decker bus is outfitted withs even beds, a living room, and a restroom. The interior is intentionally sparse, with the idea that it wouldn’t take too much time, money and skill to create.

Comfy Converted Blue Bus Home

Converted Buses Comfy Blue

A couple looking to get out of debt and live a simple lifestyle purchased a Bluebird bus for $3,000 on eBay, and spent months ripping out the seats and renovating the dirty, dusty interior. The result is a comfy, cozy, modest home that enables the couple to live rent-free.

British Double-Decker Bus to Low-Cost Home

Converted Buses British Double Decker

After being priced out of the housing market, a couple acquired a double-decker bus and turned it into a ‘luxury’ two-bedroom home within four months. Now, it offers a double bedroom, twin bedroom, kitchen, living room, bar and bathroom. Their total cost was less than $20,000, about one-tenth the cost of a typical first-time home in Britain.

Cozy Bus Home with a Wood Stove

Converted Buses Wood Stove 1

Converted Buses Wood Stove 2

Design firm wpi Creative took an old clunker of a school bus, gave it a homey wooden interior with lots of built-ins, and added a wood stove to make it incredibly cozy. It’s now home to a young couple in the Cascade Mountains.