Origami-Inspired Architecture: 14 Geometric Structures

Klein Bottle House, Melbourne

Origami Architecture Klein 2

Origami Architecture Klein 1

It’s easy to imagine this striking black and white home in Melbourne, Australia as a miniature scale model made of paper. The Klein Bottle House is named after the mathematical term for a surface with an undefinable top, bottom, left or right. The facets of this origami-inspired home twist and turn for a dynamic feel.

Nestle Chocolate Museum, Mexico City

Origami Architecture Nestle

The first chocolate museum in Mexico features a dazzling red and white geometric entrance space, reception area and theater. The architect envisions it as “a playful folding shape that is evocative for kids, of an origami shaped bird, or maybe a spaceship.”

Park Pavilion, Cuenca, Spain

Origami Architecture Pavilion

A formerly abandoned setting in Cuenca, Spain now features an ice skating rink, performance space, bars and restaurants housed within an unconventional, abstracted glass structure.

Helios House, Los Angeles

Origami Architecture Helios House

Helios House might just be the world’s most architecturally interesting gas station. Located in Los Angeles, it’s considered the ‘station of the future’ and was the first in the U.S. to be submitted for LEED certification. Designed by Office dA and Johnston Marklee Srchitects, its main feature is a faceted roof canopy made of recycled stainless steel panels.

Kyushu Geiban Kan by Kengo Kuma

Origami Architecture Kengo Kuma

Aiming to unite nature and people, Kengo Kuma’s gateway to a museum and cultural center in Fukuoka, Japan features origami-like folded planes that emulate the landscape as well as the art of origami. The cuts and creases in the stone facade let light come flooding into the interior from a variety of angles.